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You don’t like me here.

You don’t like me there.

You don’t like me anywhere.

I hate myself here.

I hate myself there.

I hate myself anywhere.

You’re not with me here.

You’re not with me there.

You’re not with me anywhere.

I don’t want to be here.

I don’t want to be there.

I don’t want to be anywhere.

Oh yeah, there was a reason I unfollowed everyone on here and Twitter and hid everyone on Facebook…

Was going to tag a friend in a picture on Facebook, but then I realized that if I had to explain how I knew who it was I would have to say “I’d recognize that butt anywhere.” Oi.




Things I will miss while gone:


The start of the Olympics.

Spiderman and Batman coming out.

Things I hope I won’t miss:

My shallowness, obviously :p

But seriously…I hope those movies are somehow still in theater when I come backkkkkk.

Distractions keep me alive, but all this lying to myself is killing me.

I’m beyond excited to go away in two days for a month.  But I did just randomly start crying, so I think part of me may be pretty freaked out about this.

Still, in an e-mail from my “boss” today she asked: “Would anyone be willing to sleep in a tent?  I know I don’t, but we may have too many people in a cabin…” I was immediately all “PLEASE PUT ME IN A TENT!”

I’m glad I can now view sleeping on the floor, sleeping in a stranger’s house, meeting new people, and leaving my plans in the hands of others an adventure.  It’s kind of a major step from a few years ago.

Still, if I admitted it, I think I may freak out once I get there :p or freak out today, apparently.  Weee!