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Who liked the new Doctor Who?

I just want to say, I love Peter as the new Doctor.

Favorite Scenes from “Deep Breath”:

1. When the Doctor is lying in bed and Clara thinks he’s translating what the dianosar is saying.  I was just seeing it as the Doctor talking about himself.

2. The eyebrows.  Tennant’s are better, but Capaldi’s are seriously fierce.

3. When the Doctor is talking to to the clock-man and A. almost realizes that they’re from the “Girl in the Fireplace” and B. tells him about not being able to recognize his own face or who he is again.  Then the Doctor then puts up a mirror (platter) to him and the clock-man and then the Doctor just looks slightly to the right as he realizes he’s talking about himself.

4.  When the clock-man is welcomed to the “promise land” that is actually inside the Tardis (how I interpreted it—or this is something to be explained—I haven’t seen any spoilers, so not sure)

5. Bonus: Matt Smith.  Was not expecting that.  Aww.  This girl in front of me looked back at me because I made a little cry.

6. He’s Scottish!!!!

But I’m so glad to still see much Tennant on my dash <3